CAEZR: What would you die for…?

Created by:  33 Cuts Collective 

Hermione Presents SpringWorks indie theatre & arts festival (2017)  

Collaborators:  Sandra Ferens*, Nick Preston, Victoria Lyons, Melissa Oei*, Chelsea Rose Tucker* and Devin Bird.

*members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association

cropped-caezr-dumpster-hi-rez1.jpgThe time: the not too distant future.  Destabilizing split-second decisions by world leaders in turmoil find us on the brink of global economic and political disintegration.  With the U.S. fragmented by the toll of war on the Korean Peninsula, domestic terrorism and the ravages of climate change, Canada splinters into economic regions fighting to survive the loss of their largest trading partner. In the largely unceded territory of Cascadia, a cabal of elite power-brokers, the Coalition for the Advancement of Economic Zone Refinement (CAEZR), engage in a deadly endgame to control the last bastion of resource-based wealth on the continent; a game permitting no bystanders that has each player asking, “What would I die for?”.

Set in Vancouver, “CAEZR: What Would You Die For?” intertwines Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”, modern text and first-person narrative to imagine a Canada facing the instability that now seems status quo for the rest of the world and from which we like to think ourselves immune.  As long-standing complex and troubled relations between the First Nations and newcomers come to a head, CAEZR asks what we, as a society, ultimately value, and what, if any of it, is worth the ultimate sacrifice.



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Special thanks:

Originally presented by Upintheair Theatre as part of the 2013 rEvolver Theatre Festival.
Students of the Arts Institute of British Columbia
Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts
Lydia Bellis, Poster and Photograph Design